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Kjærlighet / Reise / The University of Bath / July 11, 2015

An experience gives us so much more that just a tangible thing, and when you share this experience it becomes even richer. Cliché? Maybe, but it is so true! Toby surprised me with a coffee course for us, as we both are huge coffee fans. Society Café has since my very first visit been one of my favorites. Society Café should have gotten its own thank you line in my degree certification, as it is highly possible that their coffee made me survive the heaviest student days. I have absolutely no idea of how many loyalty cards I have filled out the last year; it has been a lot of good coffee… Not only does Adrian (the owner of Society Café) have a good taste for exceptional café quality, but he has also been extremely good at hiring the right people. Never have I ever felt so welcome in a café before! Everyone that works here are the most charming and service-minded people you can imagine. And the best thing is: They truly know coffee!

Have you ever been really passionate about something without really knowing anything about it? Coffee is that kind of passion for me; I love coffee and I am very picky when it comes to my cup of gold. The problem starts when you get too picky, and you know the difference between what tastes good, excellent, maaah, and disgusting. You then start struggling with finding a café that can satisfy your coffee craving. So you know what tastes good, but you have absolutely no idea of the process behind a good cup or what to look for in a real barista. Therefore, it was about time for me to be educated on this topic. Sam is probably the coolest barista I have ever met, and we were lucky enough to have him teach us about this roasted passion for the whole evening. What a lovely and talented man!

Roasting is what gives coffee its distinctive color and flavor. Of course the beans have different characteristics (like aroma, flavor, body, acidity, etc) that change in response to not only roasting, but also soil composition, harvesting, and processing (though, the way it is brewed is also important, but lets forget about that for a moment). Roasting is basically carbonization of the beans, so if you roast it too hard… well, your coffee will end up tasting like carbon. You could have done everything perfectly up until this point, and then just completely destroy your coffee experience with reckless roasting! Sam presented an ocean of beans with different levels of roasting. However, there was one black sheep in the bean crowd, and the sheep was very black (haha, sorry, bad humor). These black beans were NOT something Sam would identify as fit for their purpose: being drinkable. The worst thing is that these beans are actually sold at a premium price within a globally known café. Guess what, the black sheep belongs to Starbucks. What is even more outrageous is that these over-roasted beans are labeled by Starbucks as their “medium roasted” beans! It tastes like burnt shit, literally. I really don’t want to know what Starbucks’ “dark roasted” beans taste like.

Coffee Cupping
“Coffee cupping, or coffee tasting, is the practice of observing the tastes and aromas of brewed coffee”.
What hides under the cosy blanket of foam is a dance of exceptional and temptatious aroma. This is dope! The smell of coffee is just so… If there was a perfume smelling just like newly grinded coffee I would so buy it. When Toby drinks coffee he suddenly becomes ten times more attractive. Come on, coffee is sexy! The smell, mmmmmm. I know I am a tiny bit too fond of coffee… WHO AM I KIDDING, there is no such thing as being too fond of coffee! What is better than the smell of coffee? The taste of coffee! So when Sam said the next step was to slurp the coffee as load as possible I really had to control my own childish excitement. Nuts, fruit, flowers, chocolate, and spices flowed down my throat, drowning me in a delicious aromatic spell.

The cup gives room for a 95 degree heated love affair between water and grind, resulting in a steaming deliciousness of gold. Let the caffeine run through my veins! The relationship happening between these two components are so fascinating that if you divide it up, a complex spectrum of aromatic emotions unfolds in stages. As you can see on the photo I am not a big fan of the pre-flavor of the lovemaking within espressos. The taste is so powerful and intense. It is just like being punched in the face with Cupid’s overpowering craziness. The more comfortable notes on the end, on the other hand, are a lot calmer and balanced. The components have danced for a while and are ready to settle down. Together they sum up a colorful, playful and satisfying relationship of flavors.

Latte Art
Latte art is a relatively new trend within coffee making. Before this course I often judged the quality of the coffee on how well the milk was steamed. Too hot milk will destroy a possibly magical bean experience, and the gold is undrinkable. Of course getting the temperature right (65 degrees) is one thing, but adding the little extra shapes of flowers, hearts, or abstract symmetry is another way of stamping quality into the golden magic. This was something I thought I would nail, haha, well… Sam said I was good, so that’s what matters! Toby, you can just stop being cocky now. Toby cheated, as he had the advantage of observing my failures. A lot of gold was spilt that day because of me, but after my third attempt it actually looked like some kind of hearty shape <3

Thanks again, Adrian and Sam, for making me love coffee even more.

I have pulled the trigger off this heartburning passion. There is no way back; I’m officially a hardcore coffee lover.

Best Regards

Quote Of The Day:
“I am learning all the time. The tombstone will be my diploma.”
– Eartha Kitt


on July 15, 2015

Først må jeg bare si wow, for en fantastisk blogg du har! Du skriver så bra og bildene er så stemningsfulle og fine! Jeg er en kaffe elsker selv, og kunne nesten lukte og smake kaffen. Dette er min nye favoritt blogg :):)

    on July 15, 2015

    Dette gjorde dagen min, Pia! Tusen takk og tusen takk <3

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