Japan – Tokyo In A Pokemon Ball

Photo / Reise / January 16, 2016

Tokyo in a nutshell? No, Tokyo in a Pokemon ball…

I have actually heard people referring to Japan as ‘Pokemon Land’. Ironically enough there is something called ‘Pokemon Land’ within Japan. My deep childhood passion for Pokemon has made Pokemon Land top my ‘bucket list’ for Japan. I have so much to thank Pokemon for. Pokemon was not only my main reason for learning English but it was also the reason why I survived primary school. Sad you might think, and sadder is the fact that I was bloody damn good at anything that had to do with Pokemon; whether it was drawing Pokemons, singing the Pokemon song, remembering every single Pokemon name and their exact order, Pokemon card negotiation, or playing the different Gameboy Pokemon games. For those of you who have never played Pokemon (what’s wrong with you!) the way you get good at this is to play it for many many many hours. Pokemon was my source of comfort. When I had a bad day I would sit down with my gameboy and feel like I was good at something. Feeling that you are useless is a terrible feeling whether you are a grown up or a child; everyone wants to think they are something and that they can master something. I mastered Pokemon! I would hide in the toilets during my breaks between classes, just because I didn’t want to socialise with the redhead haters, and play on my gameboy. So when others were scoring football goals or working on their rope jumping record, my Pikachu reached its 100th level. I knew how to beat the crap out of Team Rocket (the game’s bad guys) while my class monsters knew how to beat the crap out of each other. However, my English was probably more advance back then than what anyone of the redhead haters speak today. Hah!

Do you have an old memory that just makes you smile no matter what? Well, that’s Pokemon for me. Pokemon Land was my happy land; my happy place. Toby couldn’t handle the over enthusiastic Renate so he had to sit outside while Renate let herself drown in happiness! Who would have thought you could spend so much money on Pokemon gadgets in under 30 min; a weeks travel budget was spent on happiness (sounds a lot more reasonable if I call it that).












One of Toby’s golden comments:
“If you actually got that thing on, Pikachu’s face would be seriously deformed”, thanks babe!

By now you are probably sick of me babbling about Pokémon. Believe it or not, but Tokyo is so much more than just Pokémon:

As we entered the main square of Tokyo, Toby laughed and described the place as “A Norwegian’s worst nightmare”. We Norwegian tend to enjoy our ridiculous big space around us. However, Toby was too busy being overwhelmed by the mass while the real craziness was actually happening just behind him: Imagine that you are standing in the middle of an endless crowd. You have your earplugs in, and you are listening to some kind of hypnotic music. You start spinning around, faster and faster. Until you only see light glimpse of faces. You are gone, far far away into your own spinning world. You are untouchable! That’s how I felt when I was swinging my hair around in the middle of crazy Tokyo. I was high on life.




You just can’t get enough of Tokyo …











Gotta catch them all!


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Quote Of The Day:
“Girls Are Like Pokemon. It Doesn’t Matter How Good You’re; You Can’t Catch Any If You Don’t Have Any Balls”


on January 16, 2016

The dog would were cuddling, for a second, a thought was fake. Pokemon is awesome! I didn’t get to visit Pokemon Lamd on my trip to Japan but I saw a little Pokemon booth at the airport and ended spending too much for four little things. They know that Pokemon will get you!

    on January 16, 2016

    That little fluffy ball of a puppy stole my heart <3 I know, what would we do without Pokemon!? Haha, they know how to price their stuff :P

on January 17, 2016

Jeg kan absolutt ingen ting om Pokemon (ok, jeg vet hvordan logoen ser ut og at Pikachu eksisterer), men jeg ble glad av å se hvor glad Pokemon gjør deg. Herlige bilder :-D

    on January 17, 2016

    Haha, det er godkjent :P Du er god du <3

on January 17, 2016

[…] Tokyo In A Pokemon Ball  […]

on January 20, 2016

Ok I broke my OCD-ness and skipped 20 posts to read this – definitely my favourite thus far.

Hell you could have just written just the word pokemon in a post and tears would still be running down my face as I shout “masterpiece!”

    on January 20, 2016

    Haha! Pokemon will always be the best thing that could ever happen to to us xD

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