My First 4th Of July

Reise / San Francisco / July 6, 2016

Yesterday was the 4th of July. This is a day for most people which is just another July day. I have now lived in the USA for 6 months and I’m still adapting to the big American Dream. I’m fascinated over the fact that little Norway can have something in common with this enormous muscle of a country. Our constitution day is THE day of the year, and it is therefore celebrated in that manner. On that day, flags and parades are floating like a river down all of the streets. Red, white and blue are reflected in everyone’s eyes, and the once upon a time enemy is now walking with our flag in their hands celebrating this day with us. The 4th of July is the USA’s Independence day, the day they got away from the tea drinking Englishmen. What better way to celebrate getting away from the Brits than celebrating with Brits? My better half is English, which of course became an important factor to the 4th of July party with our American friends. I love my international bubble!


The original plan was to be on the road for most of the day, as we drove down Highway 1 the day before to find Toby’s long lost brothers. We then drove together south and stopped at Cambria to end a breathtaking scenic day with a mouthwatering dinner at Robin’s. We were supposed to sleep in our Subaru and Mustang along the road somewhere, however, with sangria still left in my glass the dark night had suddenly caught up with us. Where were we going to sleep!? SHIT! Our desperateness must have been hanging over us like a flashing tacky sign, as the sweet waitress didn’t hesitate with offering us to park in her own driveway. Haha, how could we say no? So while Toby and I were boringly sleeping like babies in our car seats, the others were howling all night. Next morning we woke up to flags dangling everywhere and a familiar restlessness of getting ready for another big party. I love the 4th of July.

How to swing in the 4th of July #danceallnight #USA #constitution #happyholidays #swing

En video publisert av Renate (@redisanattitude)

Red, white and blue…



Best Regards

Quote Of The Day:
“My patriotic heart beats red, white, and blue.”

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