Nipple Parties, Bamboo Bedsheets, and Energy Crystals

Kjærlighet / Reise / San Francisco / Vennskap / March 23, 2016

The title? The title is a small taster of all the new things San Francisco has presented to me. Things that I never really knew existed. San Francisco seem to do this a lot; push me into unknown territories. It’s like standing on the edge of a pool that you kind of want to jump into, it’s just that the water is black and you have no idea of what is hiding under the surface. Then San Francisco’s devious hands do whatever deviousness does; gives you the needed push, of course. Who would have thought that you could actually make bed sheets out of bamboo! Yeah, I guess it sounds like a very sustainable idea, however, I wasn’t so sure of the comfort level of sleeping with branches sticking up my back (or other places). Guess what, I couldn’t have been more wrong. OMG! I’m in love with bamboo bed sheets. It’s the closest you will ever get to sleeping on a cloud, a silky cloud. Going green is suddenly not so daunting anymore.


My marshmallow, aka my bed, is probably more than enough reason for me to love this city just a little more. However, outside my silky marshmallow there is a power that lures me through the streets. Maybe it is more of a feeling than a magical power, but it is as real as any other feeling I have ever had. It’s there, that’s for sure. It’s something I can’t put my finger on. The other day I was walking with my better half down Haight Street. Then, we walked passed a shop that became a magnet for my mind. There were no reasons for why it should have caught my attention as the shop didn’t really have any signs or products in the windows. It literally just had some fabric hanging down from the door entrance, which you had to go through in order to actually see what could be consumed in here. I dragged Toby in, and that’s when the strangeness happened. The feeling… The feeling I get from walking around San Francisco. It was so concentrated in that shop that it was almost overwhelming. The shop was a crystal shop. Yes, a shop where you can get all the crystals you would ever need in your life. The atmosphere was so calming and almost cleansing. I guess being a bit of a Magpie, and loving general shininess, being surrounded by sparkling rocks is definitely a nice experience in itself. However, I don’t think it was the actual rocks that I was drawn to. It was the feeling. I know I must sound like a complete nutter when I say this, but sometimes it is okay to make sense out of your own craziness. So the next day, when I didn’t have my less magpie like better half with me, I went back to the shop just to reconsume ‘The Feeling’ (yes, I have now given the feeling a name; The Feeling). Today, there are two shiny Magpie treasures in the corner of our apartment, just in the hope of bringing The Feeling even closer to my silky marshmallow nest.

Haha, nipple parties? I can’t believe that I can actually cross this off my list, especially because I never knew that a so called nipple party was on my list. As mentioned just a few times before; I love San Francisco because of The Feeling, and that feeling is probably a cause of the amazing people that keeps this heavenly insaneness alive. Here you will meet the most loving, driven, intelligent, creative and overall interesting people you will ever find. Anywhere you go in this city you will bump into so many open and inspiring creatures that will invite you to anything and everything. Taking an Uber, Lyft or public transportation has introduced me to so many of these people that has truly helped me get into the inner spiderweb of the city. After just a few weeks of repotting myself, into the golden ground of San Francisco, I have already filled my pot with so many funny and random stories of meeting new people. So getting back to the nipple party experience; I was exploring the beauty of Valencia Street, and I walked into the most international boutique I have ever been in. Suddenly I was surrounded by elements from so many places I have once visited before. Cobalt blue vases from Morocco, calming buddhas from Thailand, snuggly blankets from Indonesia, and elegant teapots from Japan. The list is endless. Anyways, the Thread Lounge girls took so well care of me that this cute boutique almost felt like a home. With a copper mug filled with delicious rose wine (we of course had to celebrate me moving into the most amazing city in the world) I was in no rush of leaving this international paradise. It ended with me being invited to a party. I said of course yes. “So what kind of party is this?”, I asked. The girl laughed and answered something I definitely heard, but couldn’t make sense of. “A nipple party, you say?”, haha, I didn’t know what to expect! So a few hours later that evening I was on my way to my first braless celebration. The house was covered in breastacular art and activities. Setting fire on nipples, bra burning bonfire, mammogram booth, a DIY nippless shirt station, and of course tit shaped treats. Thank you so much for letting me be part of the areola awesomeness.

My pretty man

That pose tho

That’s it for today! Gotta get back to my San Francisco tasting session.


Best Regards

Quote Of The Day:
“I’m trying to always do new things because if you stay behind and fight the future, you are just going to be left behind.”
– Diplo


on March 24, 2016

Nipple parties? how funny! My sister lives in san fran and Ill have to let her know about this!! Thanks for the info!

on March 24, 2016

OK you had me sold at the title… :) Such a great read, fun, a bit sarcastic, definitely not your average ‘the 10 best things to do In San Fransisco’ kinda post :D Love it!!

on March 24, 2016

Did they explain the party to you beforehand, or just say, “Nipple party, be there at 10”?

I went to SF as a teenager but it feels like a lifetime ago. I’d love to go back now (and maybe hit up a nipple party).

    on March 24, 2016

    Haha, it was just like “you will see, be there at 10”. :P Definitely a fun experience

on March 24, 2016

hahahaha, really made me laugh. Thanks for this post – even more reason to visit SF. It’s been on the top of my list for a while now!

    on March 24, 2016

    Yeah! You should go :D this city is amazing

on March 28, 2016

You are getting this guy more excited to come to SF!!! 😁😁😁 and that sort of party haha sounds fun😄😄

on April 5, 2016

Hahaha, oh man, nipple parties xD Where else than in San Fran? Sounds like you’re having great time! Oh, and I also love all things bamboo. I have bamboo socks and they also feel like walking on clouds ;D I want all my clothes and fabrics to be make of bamboo now…. o.o

    on April 5, 2016

    I need bamboo socks! *googling where to get bamboo socks*
    Haha, gotta love SF ;)

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