Rethink Your Bullshit

Reise / San Francisco / Tanker / February 27, 2016

I am learning to rethink what is the right way to live my life. What is seen as an acceptable answer here in SF is opposite of what I’ve been trained to answer in Norway or England. Back home in Europe when someone asks you about what you are doing or what you will be doing, you answer with a mainstream answer; a simple and down-to-earth kind of answer. You don’t tell them your wildest dream or what you actually want to do, you repeat the same sentences that the book of boring academic bullshit has injected into your mass produced BBA degree brain!

That’s what you do… Yes, you can add on some fancy business words here and there and make yourself look like a smartass, but really ‘Business Administration and Management’ are nonsense words you can add to absolutely any role in life. Marketing, what is that!? Anyone with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., knows marketing. Consulting, what is that!? Anyone who have had to listen to someone else’s problems knows consulting. Human resources, what is that!? Anyone, who has a family, a partner, or a group of friends knows HR. Sales management, and what is that!? Anyone who has gone shopping knows sales management. Therefore, it’s not before now, when I actually can hear myself, that I realise “I would like to get into a leading position of creative project management” is a stupid answer. What the hell is creative project management, girl!? In my head I know the answer, and the answer is still what I want to do, but the way I say it, that’s wrong. Ask anyone in San Francisco and they know how to answer. They do not give me what they think is what I want to hear. They actually make me ashamed of my own answer. When you ask them their eyes are vibrating from the thought of reaching their ultimate goals in life. These guys know what ambition means, and they know how to word it. Say it like it is! No bullshit, just the hardcore truth. If you want to start up the best restaurant in town, that’s exactly what your answer should be, “I’m starting up the best restaurant in town”. While back home people would say “with my Supply chain MBA I’ll take the path down the local nourishment industry”. Maybe we should be more humble and hide the primitive need of shooting our nose arrogantly into the air, but I do have to ask; why should you deserve to reach your dreams if you don’t even have the balls to say the dreams out loud?




I have never had such a big need to tell people that I have blog. Suddenly my blog is more interesting than the fact that I went to the best business school in the UK, or that I got to work for one of the global leading oil service companies in various roles around the world. Here it seems like embracing ‘the craziness you want to be’ is more of an acceptable position than breathing ‘the boring life you think you should be doing’. If I told anyone in Norway that I am a blogger, they would laugh and ask me again what my real job is. Here, in San Francisco they will be like “That’s hella cool!”. I’m not saying that I am or want to become a full-time blogger, but I adore the fact that people are so much more open to accept other people’s crazy sides here. If I one day want to become the next Michelle Phan (my all time favorite innovative idol!) then why should I be ashamed to reach in that direction. You will not become best at something if you do not own it. You can love it and cherish it, but if you are too shy to show off your passion how would you be able to make a living out of it?

I’m ready to start my hunt for reaching the stars. Is this what the American Dream is all about? Am I adapting to the Americanness this fast!? This is going to be hella interesting. Haha, okay, maybe I’m not ready to implement “hella” into my everyday vocabulary yet. I’m working on it…




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Quote Of The Day:
“Don’t let people drive you crazy when you know it’s in walking distance.”


on February 27, 2016

Wow!!! I lived in SF for a year and I miss that time. I know how you feel and I wish I can go back that time. You just can feel the people…

    on February 27, 2016

    So true! Everyone I’ve spoken to who has lived in SF before feel the same way. Strange, right :P thank you, Michelle

on March 5, 2016

“That’s hella cool!” – ahh, the slang of SF :P
Great post! I agree with the over-inflated titles in the Bay Area, especially “Chief Happiness Officer” – wtf is that?!

    on March 5, 2016

    Gotta love the slang, right ! Happiness officer, that’s a new one xD

on March 5, 2016

“why should you deserve to reach your dreams if you don’t even have the balls to say the dreams out loud?”
Thanks for such an amazing phrase!

I feel that same thing you are talking about here in Puerto Rico, not exclusive in Norway. If I go around telling people that I run a blog or work freelance, they will keep on aaking about “real jobs”. Definitely, San Francisco is a pretty open minded place and is pretty understandable that people can see economic and professional growth in other sources!

    on March 5, 2016

    Thank you so much, Brenda! Agreed :) so good to hear that I’m not alone

on March 5, 2016

I want to change the way we talk about travel! Just saying that out loud…

on March 8, 2016

Hæ, hvorfor sier Bloglovin at du ikke har postet noe siden “Japan – The Travel Itinerary”? Her var det jo så mye nytt, til og med en flytting til et annet land! Jeg må jammen lese meg opp på disse nyhetene en gang klokken ikke er halv tolv og jeg strengt tatt burde vært i senga for lenge siden!

    on March 9, 2016

    Vet ikke hvorfor, men Bloglovin’s oppsett og bloggkodene mine har hatt sine uenigheter en god stund nå. Jobber med saken :P ja, du får bare sette deg ned med en god kopp kaffe å lese ivei ;) takk for at du stakk innom, og få deg noe søvn nå!

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