Venturing Vietnam – Can Tho

Reise / October 11, 2015

Since our very first step into this beautiful country we were warned: Saigon, also called Ho Chi Minh, is an insane place! We didn’t believe them when they said Saigon’s traffic is worse than the capital’s (Hanoi) crazy road life, but they were right… We had to escape the craziness.

We therefore jumped onto the very first bus to Can Tho, the Floating Market.
This is the place to do some serious shopping. I might be identified as a dried up shoppoholic, so this place really gave me difficulties with keeping my wallet sober.
Though, some of the shops had mannequins that just freaked me out.

It has definitely been the best place for shopping so far on our trip, and (un)fortunately for me I was given the temptation of getting a dress for free in exchange for some quick modelling. I felt disgusting; my hair was glued to my face from sweat, no make up, and my energy tank was drained from all the travelling. But we are all whores deep inside, so I sold my body for a (really nice) dress! No regrets what so ever, and Toby was more than happy to exchange me for a refreshment. Pimp…

However, our main reason for coming here was not the shopping. The floating market is exactly what the name says it is; a floating market… That morning I had my cup of iced gold under the early sun and with the harmonic river under us.

Our boat took us through the busy water streets of floating boutiques with everything from watermelons to potatoes. The wet market continued on land where you could get the nicest lunch for absolutely nothing!

Our stay in Vietnam is now over. Traveling around Vietnam has reconfirmed again and again my passion for traveling, and I hope one day to be able to come back to this spectacular country.


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Quote Of The Day:
“Live like someone left the gate open”

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