Venturing Vietnam – Cham Island & Hoi An

Beauty / Reise / Vennskap / September 30, 2015

Traveling around Vietnam has taught me one thing… Well, actually it has more reconfirmed what I already know: travelling is amazing! There is something about just laying in your hammock, feeling the sea breeze over your salty skin, hearing geckos singing their evening harmony, and just letting your whole soul soak in happiness. I’m sipping on my cooling green tea, and the only thing that goes through my mind is “mmmmmmm…”. This must be the definition of complete relaxation. My eyes are so heavy from the sunny day’s adventures. I am falling, deep.

Cham Island

Cham Island is a pearl along the necklace of Vietnam. At first I thought this was going to be a complete tourist trap, but no, this is the place to be when you truly want to be with the natives. Book your stay with Homestay Bai Huong, and you will get to live with a local family.

Mama Nee picked us up at the main harbour. That woman really was a mama. She took care of us like her own kids! I have never been fed so well my whole life. Whenever we said thank you for the stuff she just out of the blue did for us she would respond with “thank you mama Vietnam”. She would also refer to her husband, who was also an absolute angel, as “Papa Vietnam”. So cute!

Hoi An

Is also a synonym for “Mmmm”. It is the place to get value for your money, or in some cases, just spend money. Whether you are in the mood for a new fancy wardrobe, spa indulgence, heavenly eateries, tea meditation, or just a zen city experience; Hoi An has it!

Let me give you my best hands-on experiences of this place:

  • Accommodation: I would really recommend staying at the Thu Bon Riverside Homestay, if you like quality at a low cost. This woman is such a doll (when you see her you just have to hug her), and she makes the best Vietnamese noodle breakfast ever! You can also easily walk to most main attractions from her guesthouse.
  • Tea break: Reaching Out Tea House
    “this pretty, old-world tea house is a peaceful haven with equally gentle waiting staff, most of who suffer from hearing or speech impairments. There is a silent hush here, an oasis in which to escape the noise…” – Nicely put,
    In addition to being an amazing social enterprise programme helping deaf, young, women getting a better life, it is also a divine tea place. Try the chocolate cookies too.
  • Dinner time: The Morning Glory Restaurant AND The Cargo Club Restaurant.
    Oh my word! Load up your credit card because you will be spending a lot of money on damn good food. Both the Morning Glory and the Cargo Club restaurants are run by the same owner, which I guess is the reason behind the similar high overall quality. What ever you do, do not skip the dessert!
  • Relax: Get your massage at the Palmarosa Spa.
    This is the best massage I have ever had! The ginger tea and the foot wash before the heavenly spoiling was just the little extra that made the “I need to come back” factor. I really recommend the hot stone body therapy!

Our stay was completed with an enlightened evening, literally. When the darkness kisses the ground, lights are flowing down the river. Everyone seem just happier with the warming river light reflecting in their eyes. Its peacefulness will soon make you forget its city status, which again is the golden ticket for me to come back another time.

In Hoi An, the chicks are very helpful in taking a decision whether you should get those sunglasses or not, “cockadoodle dooo it!” (sorry, I just had to :P).

Best Regards

Quote Of The Day:
“Take only memories, leave only footprints.”
– Chief Seattle


on October 1, 2015

Så utrolig vakre bilder og en fin historie om stedet. Maten ser kjempe god ut. Bilde av Toby var rå fint. Klemmer fra mamma . Kos dere videre.

    on October 2, 2015

    Tusen takk, kjære deg <3 ja, han er litt fin :P

on November 12, 2015

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